Health Care

Increased access and affordability are priorities that our State must advance. Both can be achieved through expanding Medicaid and taking advantage of federal legislation and funding. Efforts need to continue to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and invest in our health care workforce. Those that work in healthcare earn our support and should be paid no less than a living wage. Continued investment in Wisconsin’s supportive programs that provide dignity and independence to our neighbors in need, like quality transportation and independent living, is needed.

I’ve been fortunate to experience many of these critical programs firsthand through my work in the community. I have long been a patient and am a former board member of a Community Health Center on North 35th Street. Being a part of an organization that provides such important care day in and day out has solidified my commitment to prioritizing Healthcare policy in the State Legislature.

  Authorized and Paid For by Goyke For Assembly, Joyce A. Seiser, Treasurer