Public Education

Public Schools are the core of our community. Wisconsin has failed the commitment to fund public schools, forcing nearly every school district in the state to seek additional funding through referendum. The state should meet the promise to fund two-thirds of school costs. Increases in Special Education reimbursement are necessary, as is a modernization of the funding formula to better account for students living in poverty and English language learners.

I’ve had the great honor to work with the amazing kids in our public schools. In 2015, I challenged my GOP colleagues to commit to volunteering in a school each week. While none of my colleagues took up the challenge, I was privileged to volunteer at Mary Bethune Academy, on North 35th and Cherry Streets. Helping young students to read, in an incredibly diverse and thriving school, has been a lasting experience cementing how valuable our public schools are.

  Authorized and Paid For by Goyke For Assembly, Joyce A. Seiser, Treasurer