Quality, affordable housing is a pillar of a healthy, thriving community. Many Milwaukee neighborhoods continue to struggle since the Great Recession and housing market crash. Too many foreclosed properties, boarded up homes, or homes that have been flipped and are owned by outside interests have led to an unstable and unfair housing market. State and local governments need to continue to target rehabilitation of empty homes as a priority and a new, much larger partnership led by the state should be available to communities with similar housing insecurity. Providing an equitable civil legal process for tenants and landlords, to reduce evictions and disruptions in the market, should be initiated at the local level with state support and guidance.

Working across the aisle, we took a step forward, by creating a new system for the sale of foreclosed homes at sheriff auction. Under the new law, which originated from discussions in the 18th District, individuals that are known to be problematic landlords, who haven’t paid their taxes or fines, can no longer buy additional properties. Cutting off the supply to these individuals will prevent further disruption in neighborhoods and allow greater access for owner-occupants to purchase these homes.

  Authorized and Paid For by Goyke For Assembly, Joyce A. Seiser, Treasurer